Buddy …

All these years later, the antics of Buddy still makes us laugh. Buddy was one of the smartest dogs I’ve met.  Sort of freaky smart. And very very kind.



He was so smart that he trained us to toss the ball back to him when he would make it bounce down the stairs.  He was extremely accurate and fast about catching the tosses.



He also trained us to find him in the game of hide & seek. He would set the ball for us to find, then dash behind a tree and watch.



He introduced himself to the neighbors cow and they became friends.


He loved to swim. And he LOVED to jump off the diving board to fetch his frisbee.

buddy dive

In the shallow end, he would stand on his hind legs, and sometimes push the frisbee down under the water so he could make bubbles.

… more to follow :)


Toothbrushes – Eco Friendly

If you have plastic to recycle, some links: (Note – Sometimes links cease being available … keep researching!)







For toothbrushes, consider Bamboo (which is often less expensive than the plastic!), or Preserve brand (check Amazon. These are recycled toothbrushes).

This is our World, and how we treat it matters.

~There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth … Rumi


Learning your food

Fruit … everyone knows what fruit is, right?  Or … do they?

And vegetables. What are they.

I was very surprised to learn there is a difference between botanical fruit and culinary fruit. Squash, bell peppers, green beans … those are all botanical fruit.

So when I say my body will only tolerate ‘fruit’, I mean botanical.

I sure would like to eat broccoli again some day.

I really like broccoli.


~ with love and gratitude <3