In an effort to reduce waste (a constant battle!), the ability to remove labels without chemical is one of many factors. One reason I love Nutiva Organic Coconut oil is the ability to cleanly remove their labels. Voila!  A re-usable, food-grade container.

(**update 50 minutes after emailing Nutiva this morning expressing my gratitude for their policies, this was the response: Dear Lynn, We really appreciate receiving positive feedback like this. Itreally made my day. I have passed it on to our Customer Service team. Thanks,Tom Customer Service Specialist Nutiva — Organic Hemp,Coconut, Chia & Red Palm Superfoods)

You see?? Companies CAN listen.

Kirkland Organic Coconut oil is now in competition with Nutiva. I gave it a try. Smaller container, easier to scoop out, slightly less expensive. BUT … their label becomes an issue.  And there I went, sending an email to the corporate office of Costco. They also sent me back a nice response, stating they will look into it.

I LOVE Mountain Rose Herbs. Their company values align with mine, and they have great customer service. But their labels!  I spend not just time (which means less production), but I have to use chemicals to remove the labels. Razor blades, hot water, olive oil … none of this works. So I emailed them, and got a very nice response stating they will look into this matter.

NOW Organic Essential oils use labels that sweetly and cleanly peel right off. The downside is that they do not carry much of a variety in their Organic line.

I shop in the Organic section at Sherms in Roseburg. What surprises me is so many of the Organic products have labels that are not friendly. It is GREAT to have the Organics … but it should be taken a step further.

Food-grade containers (both glass and plastic) should be, whenever possible, re-usable in an Earth-Friendly manner. This means labels that peel off easily.

Further still … they could advertise that their labels peel easily, enhancing the ‘Re-Use’ concept.

This becomes my quiet campaign.

…. always with gratitude ^_^


3 thoughts on “Labels

  1. I’m sorry but the reason I landed on this page is that I was desperately searching for some way to remove the label from a Nutiva coconut oil jar. My experience is that they are incredibly hard to remove, the outside comes off leaving a white plasticy glued on piece that nothing seems to remove. I’m stunned that your experience is the opposite!

    • I have had great success with Nutiva labels on the larger containers. I have never used the smaller ones, so I can’t answer to that.

      A few tips if you are having trouble —

      … the ambient air temperature matters. If it is cold, don’t even bother touching labels.

      … go very very very slowly. Patience is important. I usually practice breathing exercises while I remove large labels.

      … if it is still resistant, pour in hot (but not boiling) water and let it sit for a little bit, then go back to that s l o w peeling.

      … also when peeling, if any stray piece stay stuck, pause and use your fingernail to recapture it.

      I have a wood burning stove that keeps our house very very warm in the winter, which is also helpful.

      If you are dealing with a glass jar, a heat gun might speed up the process. But going slow is always important.

      Happily, the Kirkland/Costco organic jars now have labels that are easier to peel. I put them on a stool near the stove and an hour later I was able to slowly peel it off without issue.

      I hope this helps.


  2. How on Earth do you remove the labels on Nutiva Coconut oil jars? I find them harder than almost any other jar out there. Searching for this very thing led me to this site.

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