Emotional Anatomy

Anatomy is destiny as long as it is a somatic process. We must learn to re-envision anatomy more than as a static materialism, more than pictures of the dead, abstractions in the form of physiological formulas, ideas about nature rather than nature itself.

Anatomy is really about a dynamic, living process, a mystery, an initiation, the shape of experience which gives rise to feeling, thought, and action. It is about ourselves as feeling forms. It is about genetic, embryological, and personal history. It is about the insults we received from our families and society and what we did to preserve our own integrity under duress.

Anatomy really concerns the form we were given by nature, the forms we had to create as part of a particular society and family, and the form we are presently shaping.

To know emotional anatomy is to experience the pains of desire and disappointment, the conflicts of contact and the striving for satisfaction, the taste of intimacy and individuality, the knowledge of conditional and unconditional love.

… from the book “Emotional Anatomy”


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