Eclipse, Nature, Menopause, Life …

What a strange marvel that our Moon is so perfectly sized that she can fully block the Sun. And the cold, oh the cold, when that blazing ball is suppressed. And the dimness of light. Add the smoke from so many fires and behold the unreal landscape of a fiery haze.

The hush. Even the wind ceased, and the squirrels and birds became mute. For that brief span of time, we are reminded that Life is ephemeral. If the Sun were to be permanently extinguished, our journey in this physical realm would cease.

Nature is in continual flux. Ebbing and flowing.  She creates magic while a major faction if the human species declares war against this magic.

But another faction …. we see and feel and experience the magic. We know it and revel in it.

Menopause is another magical aspect (as is the ability to create life). Menopause is a shift of energy and awareness. For those attuned to Nature, it is a harnessing of life-experiences into wisdom, and the heart-gifts that flow from the Source. It is the thinning of veils for the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  The soft shell that holds us together becomes less substantial. Old issues arise from deep suppression. And for some, more of our senses began to awaken.  All of this prepares us for the last aspect of our physical journey.

Men undergo their own versions of changes.

Life and death are simply cycles of existence. Energy changing, transforming.

All life is connected.

Be Love <3


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