Save the Earth From Us

“This Planet is dying. The Human race is killing it.”
“So you’ve come here to help us?”
“No. I didn’t.”
“You said you came to save us .. ?”
“I said I came to save the Earth.”
“You came to save the Earth … from us. You .. came to save the Earth from us!”
“We can’t risk the survival of this planet for one species.”
“What are you saying??”
“If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives. There is only a handful of planets in the cosmos capable of supporting complex life .. ”
“You can’t do this!”
“… this one can’t be allowed to perish.”
“We can change! We can still turn things around!”
“We’ve hoped and waited you would change.”
“Please …..”
“It’s reached the tipping point. We have to act.”
“Please … please … ”
“We’ll undo the damage you’ve done and give the Earth a chance to begin again.”
“Please .. please don’t do this …please .. we can change … we can change …”
“The decision is made. The process has begun.”


It has begun. From Nature herself.  We are killing her, and she is slowly, methodically, relentlessly fighting back, on all levels.

Diseases become more resistant and super diseases emerge. Temperatures change, altering the lands. The poisoned waters and land become part of our bodies. We are sickening from self-abuse of poisoned food and the catastrophic effects of the abuse to Nature.

In a time when our technology should bring us into harmony with the Earth, too many people continue to wage their callous and indifferent war, strewing garbage and devastation behind us.

Every single person can make a difference. There are a million little things that would add up. While many companies ARE exploring and developing better technologies for the Earth, it is the people and communities that must take the fundamental actions.

Start in your home. Look around. The chemical junk in your cabinets.  Aerosols (canned spray for non-stick food, hair spray) can be easily replaced by home-made hair spray (many recipes online, usually involved sugar and water, which is great for the hair) and using a spatula to spread softened coconut oil or any oil in the pan.

Cleaners can easily be replaced with vinegar & water, baking soda (not to be used with vinegar), and liquid castile soaps. EASY!

Grocery shopping: buy bulk, and consider the packaging. Can it be reused? Can you bring your own container to buy from the bulk containers. The junk food is garbage into your body and to the Earth.  Walking into a store is not just about purchasing items …. it is about what you are going to put in the landfills.

Fast foods: Massive amounts of garbage going straight into the land. Massive.  Damaging the human body as well as the Earth.

Food to go: Bring your own containers. Note: Subway has a plastic container for salads … this is soooooo re-usable for so many things, yet it gets thrown away!!!  Why??

Bring your own shopping bags everywhere.

Every time you buy something …. consider this:

What if all your garbage could not leave your property?

And then there is the sheer volume of cruelty to animals involved with just about every aspect of purchasing anything cosmetic or cleaners. Even perfume.

Every single person makes choices.
Start small. Look around. Consider.
Make one change.  Then another.
Our choices DO have outcomes, whether you can see them or not.

Be the Change.
Be Love <3


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