“The problems of the next generation will undoubtedly deal with how to give the laborers of all nations a fair share of the wealth and leisure they help create, and at the same time preserve individual initiative. These problems will also include an attempt to bring about a lasting peace. Within a very short time, travel facilities will be such that even the average man may board a plane and be whisked safely and comfortably from snow and ice to orchids and tropical fruits. Then we will be in a fair way to become in truth “good neighbors.” People don’t make friends with governments. They make friends with people. You can’t buy friendship, and you can’t command friendship. You can only cultivate friendship.”
“I went to Mexico and South America to gather material for magazine articles. I hope to return there to renew some of the most pleasant, some of the most intellectually stimulating associations that I have ever formed.”
“And so I dedicate this book to those who helped make its writing such a pleasant task — To The Friends I Have Found South of the Border.”
~ Erle Stanley Gardner 1945 (Dedication in the book: The Golddiggers Purse – Perry Mason)

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