Ants. Every year, ants. This year I prepared and got ready for any onslaught, but removed any possible food temptations at their usual entrance.

Clever little things. They totally took me by surprise by a new entrance. Which was completely food-free, so why there??

Ahh, the battle begins! Vinegar. Baking soda. Baby powder. Eventually it works. But it takes time and diligence!

I’m patient!


2 thoughts on “Ants

  1. I have ants in my car.
    I leave my lunch in there some days and when I return to eat it I find ants already have it. So I go hungry.

    I want a way to move them out of the car by their own free will :)

    • I am thinking this must be as simple as 1 creating conditions suitable for an alternate home (earth/sand?). 2 Placing a food source nearer that alternate home (further and further from the car). And then 3 perhaps blocking the pathway back to the car.

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