There are many forms of suicide. I see it every time I go out into the public. I especially see it at the grocery stores. When you see carts filled with poison, both for consumption and for tossing out, it is hard for me not to cry out in protest. To realize how many people truly do not care … about themselves or about the world around them. The eyes are blind, the ears deaf, and the mind shut off.

Suicide doesn’t have to be a fast, decisive action. It can be a slow and callous process. This, the slow method, is the most prevalent. It is evident in every self abusive action. It is a silent, agonizing scream of self loathing.

Every time I come home from shopping, I am exhausted.

We all need to obtain food, but there are so many alternative ways to handle this.  When I step inside the grocery store, I see the future landfill. So I purchase with this in mind.

I bring my own recycled food-grade containers to purchase from the bulk bins. Almost everything I purchase is organic .. which is both for my body AND for the Mother Earth herself. When I do purchase in containers, they are either able to be reused, OR recycled.  Buying in bulk from Costco is handled much the same way.

I buy organic loose tea from Mountain Rose Herbs and store in my recycled food-grade containers. Never never do I buy tea from the store in those little packages … besides being the ‘dregs’, it is far more expensive AND more garbage is created.

What I put in my body is a reflection of my beliefs. No matter what my words say … if my actions do not reflect those words, then I am merely making sounds without substance.

I do not buy wrapping paper or cards. They are used one time and then discarded.  I reuse paper by cutting it into 4 pieces to make notepads.  There are so many little things that can make a difference.

As Rumi says ~ There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth <3

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