For Cynthia <3

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Every day you can re-invent yourself.  You can  choose thoughts and actions. It takes practice. Pick something small. Just a small thing … tiny.  Like … looking in a mirror and making eye contact and saying “I AM WORTHY”. Okay, that isn’t very small. But it is so very DOABLE. Even if you don’t believe it. Practice it. Practice and practice.

And when you move, every step, every motion, IMAGINE that sparkles are fluttering around you, creating radiance.

BE Love <3

4 thoughts on “For Cynthia <3

  1. Things that take practice (re-invention) are not done everyday, but are done over many many many days. So, I think, re-invention is a project which you can contribute to everyday. :)

  2. I love the thought of re-inventing yourself everyday. In a way, I already try to do that. Each day I work to improve myself to become a better person. I not only want to improve my eating habits and becoming more healthy, but I try to be a better person overall.

    Since no one is perfect, we all are work in progress!

    • You ARE perfect. But perfection changes, as does our perception. Right here, right now, you are exactly where you need to be. It is your starting point. Every moment can be your starting point. Trees are perfect, and they are wildly diverse. We don’t judge those Trees for having an asymmetrical branch … we ADMIRE it for the uniqueness. It is the very asymmetry that makes it beautiful. And it goes through changes, and it is always perfect. <3

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