Roots and Branches

Burrowing and reaching. They are equal in need.

This condition labeled ‘Fibromyalgia’, which is a non-sense word, is in continual flux and negotiation. The mind commands, the heart bursts forward, the body strives. How far … how far … can it be pushed?

Stillness and motion. A balance that never quite balances.


Our Bodies … when we are given a gift, it is our responsibility to treat our gifts as though they are treasures. And that is exactly what gifts are – treasures. Some gifts we pass on because they are meant to be with someone else. Some gifts we keep because they have found their home (for now). But our Bodies … these belong to us completely.

I believe we are in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies. There is an inherent, organic intelligence involved. Our souls are housed in these ‘soft shells’. With out this, we could not navigate through the physical world. The body is not robotic. It is complex, intuitive, instinctive, intelligent, wildly cunning. We have merged with this short-lived organism to experience the spectrum of this world. Pain and wonder, weakness and strength, anger and love .. these are all chemical explosions that flood us with sensations that we either like or don’t like.

Not to be confused with LOVE in the universal sense. The Love that is true core of our being. That is untainted by the other emotions, because it is not an emotion at all …. it is what we ARE.

The choices we make in caring for this gift … they aren’t right or wrong. It is the consequences of our choices that we are really experimenting with. Do we like the outcome? Or do we grimace and say, ‘oh that didn’t work out so well …’ . The latter is when we try another variation. Until we hit on the combination we ‘like’.

Sort of like practicing music.
That is exactly what we are doing with Life.

…. something I wrote a month ago. I need to remember this.

In the end, we just do the very best we can in every given moment.

…. with gratitude and love ^_^


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