Message: “Manifesting abundance” is a catchphrase many people like to throw around these days, but few truly understand what it means. Experiencing abundance isn’t about giving the Universe a shopping list with all of your desires, nor is it about trying to assert control and “get what you want.” Instead, abundance is about recognizing the richness of the life you are already living. The ego has a way of materializing spirituality to serve its own cravings, but don’t confuse abundance with the spiritual materialism you see today. Abundance is a state of mind; an openness of the heart and a willingness to feel happy with what we already have. Yes, gratitude has a way of attracting even more abundance, but that is not the point: the point is to actually experience the richness of our lives as a gift of Grace. How are you already living an abundant life? Notice how that reflection impacts your week and paradoxically draws more abundance to you.