I know the benefits of meditation.
I do.
I really do.
So why don’t I practice this more? Why do I find other things to do instead?

It is both simple and complicated. The simple answer is that sitting still too long hurts.  My feet go numb and start to turn blue (Raynauds). My body begins to ache (fibromyalgia).

Of course, there are endless forms of meditation, which I do practice quite regularly. Standing next to a Tree and just feeling the vibration of energy is a lovely way to become mindful and soft. Some Trees, however, put off so much energy that it takes a few moments to adjust into that.  Painting Mandalas. Brushing my beautiful Dog. Watching the sway of flowers in the breeze.

Many people are put off by the idea they must sit quiet in a position that may not be comfortable and then … what? What is going to happen? What is supposed to happen? I must not be doing it right because I don’t feel enlightened yet. And then the busy-mind kicks in on what has to be done after this forced quiet-sitting and it is no longer quiet. It is loud with the long list of things that still must get done. And there goes the intention to meditate.

Meditation can be for a few minutes to hours. There is no need to dive into the overwhelming and time consuming meditation that demands you sit. Make it a part of your life in many varieties.

Walking meditation. Be aware of your steps and how you connect with the ground. Imagine your feet are kissing the Earth … does that cause any changes within you?

Eating meditation. Consider how many people were involved in producing what you are about to consume. Did you get your food from a Farmer, and can you still feel the Earth-energy from it? Did it come from a factory? Can you imagine or feel the difference? Did it travel far? What might the effects of that be? What does it feel like in your mouth? Texture and taste and scent. And always … Gratitude. Gratitude for the people involved creating your food.

Breathing meditation. There are endless varieties of this practice. Explore! Notice your body and your feelings.

Listen to the whispers and songs of Nature.  Observe. Marvel. Realize that this is our Home.

The benefits to meditation are being studied. Very likely, more and more will be revealed. Meanwhile, this is an interesting article:
Study of Meditation


Be the Change.
Be Love <3

Suicide Secrets

Suicide is not ‘contagious’.  But it is suggestive.  It gives pause to contemplate that someone actually succeeded at doing the very thing whispered by the Demon.  They are free.  They’ve escaped this, whatever ‘this’ is.

This Demon and I have been companions since my pre-teens. It is both my friend and my enemy. It smothers me, and it also offers a way to escape.

Through the years I’ve acquired many weapons and tools and even wiles to keep this Demon from devouring me. Some areas within me are barren landscapes of savage battles. Some areas are voids, where nothing at all exists and memories are shattered.  Still, I keep getting back up and going forward, passing through each moment, each day, each week, each month, each year.

Sometimes, my Demon is like a feral animal, partially tamed, and if I navigate very carefully, it will slumber (though it snores to remind me of its presence).  Often, I offer it Love. Sometimes, just sometimes, in those moments, there is a softening.  It happens enough that I keep trying.

There are triggers. Many triggers. When someone else takes that path to escape, it acts as a magnifying lens, amplifying the possibilities, and giving rise to the helplessness of ever winning the war.

There are many forms of suicide, which is the extreme version of escaping THIS reality. Suicide is pouring toxins into the body. It is addictions to chemicals that blunt the pain. It is poisoning both the body and the habitat.  And it is often unconscious.

They do not see, or care, that they are speeding up the death process.

Being witness to this mass-self-destruction feeds my Demon and gives it such power.

Watching what people put in their grocery baskets, and seeing the sheer volume of garbage created. The toxins of household chemicals. The poisons in the food and packaging.

The slow murder of self and all.

I witness this and despair.  I fight so hard for my life, while so many around me are indifferent to their own slow-suicide.

People do not change easily.  We are social creatures and tend to do what our peers/community/family do. When surround by people who practice whatever habits, it is hard not to join in to be accepted. Being accepted is a need, and if it means self-harming, well … what difference does it make?

It makes a lot of difference.

It is a reflection of self-doubt and/or self-hate.
If everyone believed in their own worth, it would change everything.

I have doubts. I worry if what I create is ‘good enough’, or if I am good enough. But those thoughts are really just the Demons whispering.

We ARE good enough.
We ARE worthy.

Suicide is an option. It always has been. For me, knowing it is there any time I want it, that gives me the freedom to say, hmmm, I wonder what would happen if I wait another day? Because … that option is always there.  I just don’t need to use it …… today.

A good article ..

It says some very specific and true things.

Since re-directing my energies, engaging in some specific (and personal) therapies, and pulling back from areas that cause me distress, the Demon has lost a great deal of power.

Each person must find their own path, and there are many.

For forty years, I’ve been engaged in this battle.  But not today. Today is filled with Nature songs and energy and with a confidence that the rest of today will be filled with positive abundance and Love.

Always Love.
BE Love. It will change the world <3


Here are some of the article I’ve saved on Pinterest about Green Living: Click here

There are so many alternatives to the poison chemicals on the shelves. Little thing DO make a difference.

Earth is our home, and too many people are indifferent to protecting it.

Be the Change.
Be Love <3


States of Being

In moving away from FB, I filled some of that computer-time void with Pinterest.  It has been awhile since I’ve visited, and it was quite enjoyable. In browsing dot painting images, another topic arose …. sacred geometry. I do not know much about this topic at all, but it is seeping into my radar zone. One site caught my interest for the explanation of the states of consciousness.

Living from a 3D State

3D consciousness is viewing things from a purely physical state. You are seen as an individual that is separate from others.

Life feels like “the survival of the fittest” and you are identified by the way you look, the job you have, the car you drive and the people you surround yourself with. You feel fearful about missing out or not having enough.

Things are perceived as being good or bad and life is a competition. There is not enough for everyone and some people have to miss out. Fulfilment is found in making money and social status.

Your thoughts have no power over your reality and what comes your way in life is simply a coincidence. You rely on your five sense to move through the world.

There is a lot of joy in living life from the 3D state but pain and deeper emotions can be difficult to manage.

In a 3D state there is no desire to go within or to look at things from a deeper stand point. Life is played out by skimming the surface. There is no desire to dig deep or to understand the deeper meaning behind things.

Living from a 4D State 

Many people believe that the 4th dimensional state acts like a “gateway” to the 5th. When in 4D it is easy to travel back to a 3D state, however this jump in consciousness is much more difficult when you reach a 5D state.

4D consciousness begins to awaken to the idea that we are all connected and that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Thoughts are powerful and can shift the way reality is perceived. Duality and the idea of good and bad is still experienced, but there is more compassion and understanding behind it.

There is an opening to the importance of diet, meditation and leading a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your body becomes important and there is a desire to pay attention to how your actions effect the environment and those around you.

There is a strong desire to find your purpose and to follow your passions. You understand that life is meant to be enjoyed and that you are worthy to live the life of your dreams.

You perceive the world through 6 senses and your intuition starts to grow and expand. You seek a deeper meaning to life and you can start to see the synchronicity/magic of the Universe.

Living from a 5D State

Once you reach a 5D state of consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to a 3D state.

From this level of consciousness you begin to understand that we are all one and we are all connected. Life becomes an adventure of growth and there is no such thing as good or bad. There is a higher purpose for all things and every experience holds meaning.

There are stronger feelings of love and connectedness with others, the planet and even the galaxies around us. Love and compassion reign supreme and there is a lack of judgement. You understand that everyone is just on their own journey.

Everyone is considered to be equal and there is a desire to live from a place of pure authenticity. You understand that your purpose is to live your truth and to seek the joy.

From this state, you know that there is no competition and there is enough in the Universe for everyone. You feel overwhelming emotions of love and compassion for life, Mother Earth and the stars.

Your intuition is extremely strong and you feel connected to angelic beings.

It is important to remember that these states of consciousness are not “better” or “worse” than the other. Every soul on this Earth has their own journey to walk and their own reasons for choosing which dimensional state to live from.


I’m definitely in the 4d arena, with some brief bursts of 5d. And such blissful moments those are! <3

Yesterday was quite pleasant, though I did not have much extra time for dot painting. I did make time for some extra guitar playing, and some drumming to a Shaman piece dedicated to the Four Directions. My dog likes the drum and the guitar. Even the piano. Not so much the Native flute 😉

The concept I found  yesterday: Thoughts become feelings.  When feeling bad, examine the thoughts. The link is direct and immediate. To break the chain, or ‘spell’ of the negative thoughts, I’m trying a key-word: Faerie Sparkles!

… with Love & Compassion

Summer Solstice Healing

Major Depressive Disorder, SAD, GAD and all that …. they do not mix well with Facebook. FB is addicting, and drama-filled. While there are some amazingly beautiful and uplifting aspects, the land-mines are too prolific. Two and a half years ago I began,  and for the last two years, the Depression Demon has been highly alert.

It took me over a year to figure out the correlation. And another year of observation to confirm it.

Addiction is another powerful demon, and FB is an addiction.

Three days without, and I’m noticing the thoughts of ‘oh I’ll just check this, or check that, or send an instant message to …’.  Addiction.

I’m not keen on addictions (except coffee, I must have my coffee!!). When I realize that an addiction demon has latched on, I have a good history of shaking it off.

Once a decision is made to rescind on a habit, before it can be implemented, something else must be set up to fill that void. Otherwise, that demon can jump back in.

Browsing my ‘sacred’ bookshelves, a book has been selected for study, along with a small Dragonfly covered journal to write any inspiring quotes that I find.  More music practice, more body motions (dance, poi, yoga, breathing), more healthy projects (though I am never short on that!).

The Summer Solstice Healing Project has begun!

And it is doing wonderfully. Yesterday was sweet and peaceful. A bucketful of Oregano harvested and set to drying. Lovely weather for sitting outside to separate leaves from stems. Some cutting back of sprawling Sage. Breathing. Basking in the soft breeze. Yoga under the Walnut tree with a soul-friend. Drumming while sitting on the living room floor with my dog. Listening to Shaman drumming and playing my drone-flute with the sounds. Hanging laundry on the line outside. Dot painting (my newest passion/fascination). More dot painting.

Thoughts. Thoughts are the trickiest. Keeping away from the negative and re-directing to visualizations. This is particularly challenging when OCD likes to keep things looping. I just need to get it looping on the positive!  I appreciate my OCD as it keeps me motivated and snarls at the Depression Demon. But there are those particular challenges with it.

The selected study book is The Secret. It seems a little hokey but definitely intriguing and the basic message is relevant and even vital.  Visualize and Believe.  Focus (this is where my OCD is helpful 😉 ).

Just a little note about Summer Solstice — This is actually Mid-Summer.  It makes more sense to me!

With Love & Gratitude <3


Swifters …. a great idea for easy floor clean up. Do you hear the ‘but’ coming??? Here it is … you don’t need to buy the disposable swifter cloths. Use old wash rags and lightly spray them with vinegar/water, and/or add an essential oil, too! The old rags tuck into those grabby little slots just fine.

Re-use and reduce! My passion!

Be the Change and Be LOVE <3

“Memory” from one year ago …

Of course there will be increased hate for ALL Muslims because of the action of extremists. That is like hating ALL Christians because of the actions of some Christians. Blaming a group for actions committed by individuals …. is that the lesson to teach the younger generations?

Here is the lesson I get from that: If I am innocent, but someone in my community commits a crime, then I am blamed, as is my family, my neighbors, my friends …

If hating all (pick any group) is the response … then the terrorists have won. Simple as that. And we, as individuals, lose ourselves.

All races/nationalities are being victimized by terrorists.

It IS a choice. Be angry at the actions of these criminals, yes. But letting hate penalize the innocent …. is that really who you are?

Colossians 3:12 ~
So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience;

Extend Love to ALL the victims of Hate. Send a prayer, light a candle, burn some cleansing sage, send positive thoughts .. do something that adds Light to the world.

To this I add .. not just terrorist, but any hate-group (though they are terrorist, too!)

Be Love <3

Spray bottles can be cheap, but wasteful because as soon as the sprayer is broken, the entire bottle is thrown away. Yet in our homes, we have the perfect bottles already. Large shampoo bottles (not me!), some oil bottles, various things … and then you buy bulk spray nozzles (I’m getting mine on Ebay). So I re-use bottles I already have and only replace the nozzles. You have to shop around to get the nozzles at a cheaper price than buying the entire bottle, but it is worth it, even if it costs a little more … it is still saving extra plastic garbage.

Be the Change!🌎
And, of course, BE Love ♥

Is there really anyone who doesn’t take a vitamin or herbal supplement of some kind? Millions do. And the bottles end up, after ONE TIME usage, in the landfill. Millions and millions.

They are useful bottles for so many little things.

Gardeners who harvest their own seeds can certainly store them in these little vessels.

Used kitchen oil can go in them so that the oil is not going down your drain.

A container to soak your little paintbrushes.

The clear ones can hold craft items such as pony beads.

The not-clear ones can have their bottom side cut off, then tip it over and drop in the bobbin (lands in the ‘lid’) and top it with the thread. Then you don’t have to hunt down your colors for sewing as they are already together.

The potentials are only limited by the imagination and creativity.

Reduce and Reuse. This is our Home!

Be the Change.
Be Love <3