Recycling Pill Bottles

Sewing accessories. Very quickly, things can get scattered and unorganized. Keeping bobbins and thread spools with their correct partners was my biggest challenge. Not because of color, but of material-type.

I had been saving the white supplement bottles because it seemed so wasteful to toss them. Surely, they could be used for something??

Indeed. Cut the bottom off, and there is a perfect place for the bobbin under the thread (in the lid part). The growing collection is kept in a tray. Neat. Easy to find. And keeps them less inclined to collect dust (the bane of thread in a sewing room!). Yay! Organized AND re-using perfectly sturdy containers.kiki emoticon

Speaking of thread – I have made four attempts to purchase ‘locally’ by going to Joann’s. Every time, the thread is so dust-coated that I don’t even want to touch them. The rack of thread is kept next to the material cutting table. Which means … dust. Lots of dust.

Meanwhile … what are you tossing in your garbage that could be turned into something useful?Recycle pill bottles

Pigs are Intelligent & Social Creatures

I would slightly modify the statement by removing “with brains”. ALL life has some measure of intelligence. Even plants. More on that another time …

“The more I learn about other animals the more I am realizing that there is a common level of intelligence across all life forms with brains. Each species is a variation on a theme.”


Columbus dishonor

How many lies have been woven into our history and now we call it Truth? We are ‘brainwashed’ from childhood to believe myths.

“Something so brutal should never be disguised as heroic.”

Question everything.

There are dark events behind every so-called victory.

We lament the concentration camps in Europe, but remain blind to the horror that America also had concentration camps. We are shocked at the actions of priests during the Inquisition-Time. We had the Witch Trials and McCarthy-ism.

It is time to peel away the myths. If we do not understand and recognize the truth, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to the manipulation of those ‘in power’.

I am so very glad to see this truth finally getting recognition. <3 <3 <3

Eating choices …

My favorite younger brother (okay, he is my only brother) has three wonderful children. I wish to share a small (but powerful) conversation with my niece, my brother’s middle child and only daughter:

She is in Australia and posted burger sign that included kangaroos and alligator … I responded —

I often hear that vegetarians will revert back to meat because they miss it and other reasons. I seem to be the opposite. It almost feels like a form of cannibalism to even consider it. But Kangaroos?? Thankfully not Koala Bears!

She responded so beautifully, my eyes got warm with near-tears:
“Yeah, I personally know a few ex-vegetarians but I completely share your point of view. I started being a strict vegetarian right after I graduated college because I felt removed from the process of food. Chicken might as well have been potato chips to me. I felt if I couldn’t personally perform the process required to get that chicken on my plate (for moral, ethical, health or environmental reasons), I needed to re-evaluate my decision to eat it.

But now health, environmental and other initially motivating factors seem to pale in my mind to the main reason I remain vegetarian, the simple reason that life is profoundly precious. We ourselves are merely just a species, just one type of animal, out of millions. But we all share the same quality- that same beautiful spark of life. And if I can survive happily healthy without eating meat, why would I consume such precious sparks of life? It would be as you described, a form equivalent to cannibalism. A special person showed me this video a couple years ago of cows being liberated from a factory. It’s forever ingrained in my mind.”

I want to repeat this: Life is profoundly precious.

So is she … <3 <3 <3