Progress …

April 4th, 2011, I was prescribed a narcotic and gabapentin. Strong doses. Up to 2100mg of the gaba. The relief was tremendous.

May 2013 was the beginning of active reduction of the various crutches. And then we come to the —

Eve of June 4, 2015 … my first night since that long ago April without any prescription medication.

It does not mean I will do it this eve, or the next. One small success at a time.

On the downside … my jaw muscles are double-tight. I am drinking teas from Viriditas Wild Gardens and Omgrown.  Bless them for their gifts.

Fibromyalgia is a generic word for a complicated condition.  Confused pain receptors, muscle lock-downs, fatigues, digestive issues … it goes on.

The diagnosis was a relief at first, and then there was despair of it. The prognosis was grim and predictions stated it would only get worse.

After the despair came the mulling-time. And more mulling. Then some anger. Not so much at the condition of my body … rather … the doctors telling me where I was going and the hopelessness of it.

Really? I am going to end up on cocktails of drugs and overweight because of those drugs, and likely to become unable to do anything but curl up in misery?


Think again.

The fight has been (and likely will continue to be) challenging.  But I stand here now, today, weeks before the Summer Solstice … I am standing stronger than ever, and .. at least for today .. I am pharma-free.

I am finding new ways to negotiate the pain, and my sleep is improving significantly (THANK YOU LIZ!!!!!!).

… with gratitude, always <3