Cohabiting with wild animals is tricky.  I figure WE are the invader. Humanity has decimated wildlife habitats.  It becomes a balancing act. Live traps,  making an area inaccessible or undesirable are our methods for dealing with anything we don’t want in certain areas.  To me, every creature except humanity, is attuned with this planet we call home.  They live in balance.  There is an ebb and flow with their existence.  A grace, a purity of spirit.  To make long eye contact with a squirrel or deer or fox or any animal, wild or domestic, is to see a soul that makes mine hunger to merge with that shining light within them.  They are truly authentic, without artifice.  The have humor, sadness, joy,  quirkiness … a vast array of emotions, as we do.

Be Love ~

Ayla, Whinney and Racer … they are here daily.  The last few days, they arrive at the back slider while I’m dancing.  My back is to the door but I see them in the reflection of the living room window.  One day, Whinney tapped her nose several times on the glass so I turned around. She stared at me, then lost interest and began eating the wild violets just outside the door.  That baby is very bold and curious.  Yesterday while dancing, in the reflection I could see her staring intently.  Husband said her face was incredibly cute while watching.




Our wildlife friends …


Oscar … he has come to the slider and pressed his antlers to the glass, looking right at me. He makes really good eye contact.



Elwin – far more skittish.  Walks by regally.



Llama-Boy … we don’t see him as often.


One of the babies we call Racer (from Valley of the Horses – Jean Auel).  He is wildly fast! See below for his sister watching his blur ..


Our Deer-Friends are all welcome here and they can eat anything they wish.  We have apples and plums and roses and all sorts of flowers and they are especially fond of the weeds, so we are glad for that 😉


Spiders are NOT the enemy …

I love it when people make videos like this.  There is so much that most people think is ‘truth’, when it really is mis-information, or rumors, or just exaggerated stories handed down through generations.

Spiders are extremely important for our environment.  The help us. Yet people will just kill them out of repugnance and fear.  They are not the enemy. Our fear is the true enemy.  Be Love <3