Inner Light ~ Loner Wolf

As St. Francis of Assisi once wrote, “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” Whatever you’re struggling with at the moment, whatever darkness is lurking within or without, just know that your inner light is forever and always burning within you. Even in our most lost, confused, distraught, and anxiety-filled moments, the inner light of your Core is there, ready to guide you home. Reflect on moments when you’ve faced this inner light before, what was it like? How did you feel? Seek to cultivate these numinous moments and find practices that help the inner candle of your being to grow brighter. Ask yourself, “On my deathbed, when all is said and done, what will truly matter?”


Message: “Manifesting abundance” is a catchphrase many people like to throw around these days, but few truly understand what it means. Experiencing abundance isn’t about giving the Universe a shopping list with all of your desires, nor is it about trying to assert control and “get what you want.” Instead, abundance is about recognizing the richness of the life you are already living. The ego has a way of materializing spirituality to serve its own cravings, but don’t confuse abundance with the spiritual materialism you see today. Abundance is a state of mind; an openness of the heart and a willingness to feel happy with what we already have. Yes, gratitude has a way of attracting even more abundance, but that is not the point: the point is to actually experience the richness of our lives as a gift of Grace. How are you already living an abundant life? Notice how that reflection impacts your week and paradoxically draws more abundance to you.


Macro Philosophy Creed – Thea Alexander (author of 2150)

I believe in the Macrocosmic oneness of all, and in myself as a perfectly functioning aspect of that macrocosm.

I believe that I, and only I, have the honor and the power to determine, design, and alter whatever my daily life contains, for it is the result of my own thoughts.

I believe there are as many paths as there are people to walk them, and that each person is the best judge of which path s/he will most effectively walk at any given time.

I seek the adventure of interaction with others, knowing that it is the classroom of my evolution.

I joyously receive this and every day, knowing that it is the canvas upon which I am painting my life.


Acceptance is one of the cornerstones of a wise, relaxed, fulfilling, and soul-aligned life. One of the best ways to discover where you need to invite more acceptance into your life is by observing the most “tense” areas of your life. You are likely bringing a lot of resistance to this area, perhaps by expecting that people should act differently or “be” a certain way in order for you to be “happy.” Remember, acceptance isn’t about being passive, it is about actively loving, surrendering, and allowing people and situations to be exactly as they are without conditions (within reason). This applies to your emotions as well! When there is resistance to your emotions, there is suffering. But when there is acceptance, there is well-being. Ask yourself, “What areas of my life am I experiencing the most tension in?”