Toothbrushes – Eco Friendly

If you have plastic to recycle, some links: (Note – Sometimes links cease being available … keep researching!)


For toothbrushes, consider Bamboo (which is often less expensive than the plastic!), or Preserve brand (check Amazon. These are recycled toothbrushes).

This is our World, and how we treat it matters.

~There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth … Rumi


Wire Wrapping

A new interest … making Fey arm bands ^_^




Making the bands is interesting, though challenging. The 14 gauge wire is a little tough to manipulate. I tested out making ear cuffs, too. Definitely doable and pretty, but not as … interesting. I am not sure why this is so.

More arm bands are definitely coming, especially since I have an order for one already!