“Alternative” Medicine

It is very disturbing to see and hear so much negative and derogatory comments about Alternative Medicine, particularly Plant Medicine.

Yet the Truth is: Plant Medicine is the FIRST medicine. All drugs were first manufactured from .. plants.  Plants are not an alternative.  Plants are it. Here are two articles about drugs that come from plants:

Natural Products Derived from Plants

Drugs and Medicine From Plants

It is very much like the insanity of organic food. Organic food IS the original, and it has been smothered by big money and health-crippling chemicals. Organic Farmers have to pay to earn the right to grow things naturally.  While the big companies push the harsh poisons that keep the drug companies in business.

Society has been brainwashed to believe it is normal to pour poison into your soil and into your body. The minority that tries to raise awareness are called ‘extreme environmentalists’.  Money and marketing.

It is easier. Easier to use chemicals. Easier to just go along with what everyone else does. Easier to ignore and put off responsibility.

Yet we are all responsible. The ‘weed and feed’ on lawns, which dogs will consume, which poison their bodies, which results in their illnesses. That is our responsibility.  And those weeds are actually medicine. Dandelions are amazingly beneficial to the body. Plantain is another. Yet the perfect swath of poisoned green is preferred.

Plants and naturally grown food is not alternative.
And the willful indifference to what is in our food and the damage to our Earth …. that is conscious or unconscious suicide.

Be the change.
Be Love <3

Climate issues

A Clear Choice

“But there’s an even better reason to get fossil fuels out of our lives. It’s about loving deeply. Loving all those suffering people in Houston and Florida, loving our children, loving every being on this planet without a voice.”


There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth ~ Rumi

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Re-THINK.

Be the Change.
BE Love <3

Nature Fighting Back .. again

We were watching this really excellent series from Netflix called Wild China (2 discs, 6 episodes). An amazing documentary!  One thing that really caught my attention was that typhoons disperse the surface water and draws up deeper ocean water, increasing the plankton at the surface, which reduces the carbon dioxide in the air.  Nature cleaning her house?

So I found this article from Nasa about it … Stirring Up Life

Be the change.
Be Love <3


Rights of Nature

“It expresses the idea of harmonious, balanced living among people and nature. The idea centers on living “well” rather than “better” and thus rejects the capitalist logic of increasing accumulation and material improvement. In that sense, this model provides an alternative to the model of development, by instead prioritizing living sustainably with Pachamama, the Andean goddess of mother earth. Nature is conceived as part of the social fabric of life, rather than a resource to be exploited or as a tool of production.”

The Rights of Nature

When so much of the news is ‘bad’, things like this give me hope ….

… with Love and Gratitude

Resisting Hate

An interesting article about why resisting with violence helps the other side …

How To Protest Neo-Nazis

It provokes despair to realize that history repeats itself, and the hate continues.  It rolls through generations. Children are taught this hate. It becomes just another ‘fact of life’ that they are ‘better’ than [fill in any group]’.

Each person can BE the change.
Each person can choose.

Be …. Love. And Compassion. And Kindness.
<3 <3 <3